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Harness The Power of A Good Support System To Achieve Your Goals

Updated: May 26


Humans are inherently social beings. We rely on each other to have a sense of belonging, to increase motivation, to reduce stress, and to have better health. Despite the modern technologies that help us improve our individual goals, like the use of apps, devices, and streaming sources, many people lack human support when making wellness changes. We need support from each other to benefit our well-being. Even though technology provides a good alternative to learning, human support builds trust and strengthens bonds which are valuable to our mental health- traits that technology simply cannot mimic.

The opposite of having support is being self-sufficient. Without external, or outside, assistance, self-sufficiency boosts independence, confidence, creativity, and resilience- areas that empower an individual to be more self-aware of their needs. Self-sufficiency is what makes us unique. But as long as you desire growth and want to work toward your goals, it is especially important to harness the power of a good support system. When you seek personal support for the things that matter to you, you are allowing self-care and fostering resilience, ultimately boosting self-awareness and self-esteem.

Accountability helps you reach your goals faster
A good social support system includes individuals who can relate to your circumstances and provide the right kind of support for you. (Courtesy of pch.vector on Freepik)


Support over Self-Sufficiency

Though self-sufficiency leads to a more fulfilling and empowered way of living, no one can be completely self-sufficient. Without help from other resources, there would be a severe lack of knowledge and skills to help us take action more quickly to adapt and survive in a situation. Just think about not knowing how to garden or grow your own food. Early humans developed systemized strategies that required every individual to have a job. Whether it was hunting, cooking, tool-making, or caring for someone, everyone was responsible for their part in to maintain overall productivity for survival.


It is important to accept help when you need it. You gain more power when you continuously seek help. When you learn from different perspectives, you are given options to play around with and figure out what actually works for you. Seeking support increases your likelihood of achieving your goals by experimenting with ideas you might not have otherwise considered that support your needs better.


The Benefits of Having Good Support

Having a support system in place helps with at least two things: providing motivation and offering accountability. Motivation is the drive to move forward despite barriers that are in the way or challenges that come up. Accountability offers a way to accept responsibility for your actions and comes in different forms, including emotional, informational, tangible, and esteem.  Accountability may also come from different sources and might be a person or a tool.


Consider having good support as having the right tools for a job. Any tool you use, whether it be for measuring, designing, cutting, or drilling is designed for a specific purpose. The type of support you seek is no different. Support systems may specialize more in particular areas, such as navigating personal relationships, and they may have more or less to offer you about topics that you’re interested in. They may motivate you differently or offer a unique style of accountability. It is important to understand which support is right for you, and this too, may require more discovery.


Strong support systems provide encouragement and motivation
(Courtesy of Getty Images)

Keys to Finding the Right Support System

Humans are some of the most advanced organisms that thrive in our world. We are fortunate to have capabilities to learn a language, to use tools, to think critically, and much more. Depending on our skillset, we have an opportunity to exert a profound influence on the world and shape the trajectory of life on Earth itself. Though, in order to influence other humans, interaction is important and having some kind of support is required. Depending on the type of support you choose, you outcome is likely going to be affected, which may influence how you reach your goal, if at all. If you are worried about how to find the right support, here are three steps you can take:

  1. Perform a self-assessment. Consider your goals (or what you’re trying to achieve) and your current challenges (or what is preventing you from making progress toward your goals). Ask yourself: “Do I have time or energy for this?” “Do I need to learn any new skills?”

  2. Determine any resources you might need. Ask yourself: “Do I have money for this?” “Will I need additional education?”

  3. Consider your preferred method of help. Ask yourself: “Do I prefer one-on-one or group help?” “Is online or in-person access important?”


The more specific you are about the type of support you need, the quicker you will progress toward your goals. Your support system is going to be different from someone else’s. Perhaps the type of support you need must be instantly accessed to fit your lifestyle or maybe you want to stay away from relying on technology. You might require multiple sources of support depending on the steps you need to take to get closer to your goals. There is no right or wrong way to seek support; the way you receive support must feel right to you.


Health journey
(Image courtesy of Shutterstock)

Enjoy the Journey of Reaching Long-Term Success

It’s important to enjoy the journey and the processes you go through as you reach your goals. Growth happens when you’re not looking! Whether it’s a new experience or another challenge, you are discovering something about yourself. You may realize you have skills you never thought you had. Your values become clearer and you may choose a different approach toward your mini-goals. Your confidence will rise and you will feel less overwhelmed as you navigate new situations.

It is wise to celebrate all wins. Even the smallest victories can encourage you to try new things. You build a positive and you may decide to set additional goals beyond your initial focus. As you continue working towards more goals, your skills will continue to advance. Imagine what might be possible!

No matter where you are in your wellness journey, having the power of a strong and good support system is invaluable. The right kind of support will influence you, possibly in ways you never thought possible.  Setbacks or obstacles that stand in the way will happen. The right support will help you determine the next steps. However you choose to proceed, remember: any step forward is another step!

A close friend can be an accountability partner
Having a strong support system is invaluable. The right kind of support will influence you, possibly in ways you never thought possible.(Courtesy of Getty Images)

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