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Individual Coaching & Education

Unlock your wellness potential with private and personalized health coaching designed to fit your unique needs. Achieve your desired health goals in ways that work especially for you. Or begin your health journey with our two exclusive educational offerings, designed to support you and your family's nutritional goals. Online or In-person (local only) sessions are available.

Our exclusive Smart Shopping service is available In-person (local) only.

One-On-One Sessions

Individual health coaching
  • 3-month (6 sessions) or 6-month (12 sessions) packages

  • ​Private, personalized coaching at a pace that's right for you

  • Initial Wellness Assessment to evaluate where you are​[Optional: Activity to determine your values]

  • Utilize skills and tools to set goals and determine comfortable strategies to achieve your desired wellness

  • Dedicated guidance and support throughout your program

  • Unlimited email support

Includes a Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call,

with no commitment.

Pantry Makeover

Food organization to support healthy living

Revamp your pantry, fridge and freezer!

  • A 75-minute private learning experience that takes place in your kitchen.​

  • Discover the most valuable method for categorizing your foods.

  • Learn how to read nutrition labels, avoid health sabotaging ingredients, make healthier (and tasteful!) substitutions, and understand "The Dirty Dozen"​.​

  • Create an organized shopping list to support you during your shopping trips​.

  • Become a healthy eating expert.

  • Handouts included.​​​

Smart Shopping

Healthy grocery shopping

Learn how to shop healthy all year long!

  • A 90-minute private learning experience takes place at your grocery store of choice.


  • Discover helpful methods for saving time, money, and learn ways to eat nutritiously year-round.

  • Learn food categories that help you make best food choices.

  • Dive into the art of label reading, learn about the sneaky food additives to steer clear of, and determine delicious and healthier swaps.

  • Become your family's grocery shopping expert!

  • Handouts included.

In-person (local) only

These one-of-a-kind, interactive experiences will support your wellness goals for life!

Want a personal and self-paced, online educational experience?

We offer an easy and affordable way to support healthy habits so you can take charge of your health to live well.  L.E.A.N. Start and Prime Time Health provide a fun and enriching educational experience. Understand how to prevent disease and improve your health through fun, interactive, and self-paced learning modules. Download and print activities, recipes, and other resources that you can keep forever. Coaching support is included to supplement your learning.

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